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What we offer

Simple and easy

We will handle the entire process on your behalf, from quotation to connection, with minimal disruption to your place

Quick installation

Software have a dedicated CEC accredited team well versed in Solar and Energy storage installation.

25 year warranty

The majority of our products come equipped with 10 to 15 years manufacturer warranty and 25 years performance.


Our experienced technicians offer a 24/7 service, offering around the clock maintenance for all customers.

Solar Victoria commercial solar rebates available

Commercial Solar Power

Expensive electricity bills can be debilitating to the success of a business and can severely impact your financial status. Making the switch to solar, however, can save you a significant amount. At Softwave, our in-house and fully accredited installation team will independently take care of the entire process. We have vast experience in the provision of electrical services for the commercial sector. This experience extends to commercial solar installation for businesses throughout Australia operating under various circumstances.
We have solutions for your day by increasing electricty bill which is effecting your business in many ways. Our inhouse accredited installation team will look after your installation. We have wide range of experience with commercial solar installtion throughout the country in different circumstances.


Softwave offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your individual requirements and budgets, designed to match any residential property looking to make the switch to solar. We understand that every property is different and therefore requires a careful and considered approach. With our in-house installation team on hand, we are more than capable to handle the supply and installation of the solar system most suitable for your residence. We guarantee that after you make your solar switch your electricity bill will drop to near zero!

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Power your life for less!

Spending less on electricity gives you more money for the things you enjoy.