Energy Storage

Energy Storage



Energy storage is a battery that stores energy, detects outages and automatically becomes your home's energy source when the grid goes down. Unlike gasoline generators, Energy Storage keeps your lights on and phones charged without upkeep, fuel or noise. Pair with solar and recharge with sunlight to keep your appliances running for days.

Simple and easy

We will handle the entire process on your behalf, from quotation to connection, with minimal disruption to your place

Quick installation

Software have a dedicated CEC accredited team well versed in Solar and Energy storage installation.

25 year warranty

The majority of our products come equipped with 10 to 15 years manufacturer warranty and 25 years performance.


Our experienced technicians offer a 24/7 service, offering around the clock maintenance for all customers.

Power your life for less!

Spending less on electricity gives you more money for the things you enjoy.